This CaspSCREENTM Apoptosis Assay Kit provides a convenient means for detecting the activation of caspases by flow cytometry in living cells. The assay is based on the cleavage of (aspartyl)2-Rhodamine 110 (D2R), a reported substrate for members of caspase family proteases. The caspase substrate D2R is nonfluorescent, however, upon cleavage of the substrate by cellular activated caspases, the released rhodamine 110 gives rise to fluorescence that can be measured by flow cytometry at excitation of 488 nm and emission of 530 nm. The kit includes the D2R reagent, DTT and the optimal incubation buffer together with an application protocol.

Detection of Caspase-3 Activation Using CaspGLOWTM Fluorescein Caspase-3 Staining Kit. Apoptosis was induced in Jurkat cells with (B) or without (A) camptothecin for 6 hours. Cells were collected and incubated with CaspGLOWTM in situ marker, FITC-DEVD-FMK, for 20 minutes according to the kit instructions. Results were analyzed by flow cytometry.

Product Cat. # Size Data Sheet
CaspSCREENTM Flow Cytometric Apoptosis Detection Kit K200-25 25 assays Product Data Sheet
CaspSCREENTM Flow Cytometric Apoptosis Detection Kit K200-100 100 assays Product Data Sheet