LABXPERT™ Laboratory Labeling System

Imagine a printer that already knows your labeling needs. With Brady's LABXPERT™ Laboratory Labeling System, you have a powerful yet affordable tool at your fingertips! Produce legible, professional looking labels for your lab samples, while drastically reducing the time it actually takes to label.


Code Product Name Price
LABXPERT-KEY LabXpert label Printer 549€
LABXPERT-KEY-IDL LABXPERT + IdentiLab Software 769€


LAB PAL™ Label Printer


The LAB PAL™ Laboratory Label Printer, a portable, easy-to-use printer with labels that are designed to withstand extreme laboratory environments. The LAB PAL™ printer features include a built-in date/time stamp and laboratory specific symbols. The LAB PAL's™ built-in date/time stamp offers the ability to provide exact date and time documentation right on the label. The serialisation feature and pre-programmed vial sizes ( .6 ml, 1.5 ml, 2-4 ml) and slide labels also help save laboratory personnel time. The drop-in cartridge makes loading quick, and the exposed edge on the labels makes peeling easy - even with gloves. The LAB PAL™ printer also has five colours of labels to choose from enabling a laboratory to colour code their bottles, flasks and shelves for general laboratory identification. It's lightweight (only 0.55 kg)


Code Product Name Price
LABPAL LAB PAL label printer 275€
IDPAL-ACEUR AC Adapter Europe 220V 63€


TLS 2200® Portable Labeling System

The TLS 2200® Thermal Transfer Printer is Brady's ultimate answer to your toughest labeling challenges. The TLS 2200 system offers the light weight (1.25 kg) of a hand-held printer, while providing capabilities such as thermal transfer printing, bar coding and multiple material configurations. Ideal for printing wire and cable markers, patch panels, circuit board, and asset ID labels. Thermal transfer printing, bar codes label storage, and PC connectivity. Designed for medium volume: 100 - 500 labels per day.

Code Product Name Price
TLS2200-EUR TLS2200 Printer Europe 935€
TLS2200 + Identilab TLS2200 Printer Europe + Identilab 1,193€
RS232/USB TO DB9 RS232 Serial Adaprot Cable, USB to DB9 31€

LabXpert™ Freezerbondz (also available for the TLS system)

Code Product Name Width Length Quantity Price
X-117-492 Vial side/Top Combo-Freezerbondz 12.5 mm 25.4 mm 300 86€
X-118-492 Vial side/Top Combo-Freezerbondz 9.5 mm 25.4 mm 300 85€
X-120-492 Vial side/Top Combo-Freezerbondz 12.5 mm 25.4 mm 300 87€
X-130-492 Vial Side Label Freezerbondz 9.5 mm 21 mm 275 72€
X-131-492 Vial Side Label Freezerbondz 12.5 mm 225 mm 225 77€
X-155-492 Freezerbondz Label 31.7 mm 6.4 mm 250 76€
X-156-492 Freezerbondz Label 23 mm 25.4 mm 225 83€
X-162-499 Freezerbondz Label 12.7 mm 38.1 mm 165 54€
X-78-492 Vial Side Label-Freezerbondz 25.4 mm 24.3 mm 125 82€
X-82-492 Vial Top Label-Freezerbondz 9.5 ř N/A 300 73€
X-83-492 Vial Top Label-Freezerbondz 12.5 ř N/A 300 74€


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