ICL Secondary Antibodies  

Code Product Name Price
GE-70A  Goat anti-Horse IgE 355€
GM-25A  Goat anti-Rat IgM 160€
CGHL-80XA Chicken anti-Human IgG h+l 180€
RGBL-65A   Rabbit anti-Gerbil IgG h+l 179€
SGFC-50A  Sheep anti-Goat IgG 108€
RA-90A Rabbit anti-Mouse IgA 153€
RBG-65A Rabbit anti-Bird IgG h+l  140€
RA-10A anti-Bovine IgA 121€
GA-80A Goat anti-Human IgA  114€

All antibodies are 1 mg, affinity purified, preserved in 0.1 % Sodium Azide

Also available as FITC or HRP conjugated


GENTAUR can provide you the antibody of choice!
We can produce your antibody FOR FREE!

 Protocol after we receive the peptide:

Day 1 Collection of pre-immune serum

Day 1 Primary Immunization

Day 14 First booster

Day 28 Second booster

Day 42 First serum sample ~ 10 ml

Day 49 Third booster

Day 63 Second serum sample ~ 10 ml

Day 70 Fourth booster

Day 84 Production lot ~ 40 ml

 ELISA analysis of the first serum sample

The antibody production will be costless if GENTAUR can trade half of the serum lot. If you wish to receive the complete lot the production cost will be € 600.



Decode RNAi viral screening pools

for multiplexed RNAi screens








Decode™ RNAi viral screening pools combine the advantages of shRNAmir design, the power of viral delivery and the convenience of ready-to-use pooled viral particles to facilitate multiplexed RNAi screening. The high titer viral pool format enables genome-scale RNAi screening without the cost and labor associated with individually arrayed screens. Perform genome-scale RNAi screens for genes regulating cellular responses, signaling pathways or discover genes with novel functions - all at the convenience of your bench top.

The genome-wide human GIPZ lentiviral shRNAmir library is now available in Decode RNAi viral screening pool format and has the following advantages:

•  GIPZ Lentiviral shRNAmir produces efficient single copy knockdown

•  High titer viral pool format facilitates multiplexed RNAi screens

•  Lentiviral delivery extends RNAi screening to primary and non-dividing cells 

•  Primers for identification of hits are included


Code Product Name Price
RHS4847 Decode RNAi viral screening pools-Hs GIPZ lentiviral shRNAmir library 12,000€
RHS4843 Non-Silencing-GIPZ lentiviral shRNAmir control – viral particles 400€
PRM5038 Decode RNAi primerkit – 200 rations 250€
PRM5040 Decode RNAi primerkit – 600 rations 350€

Hormone ELISA Kits

Code Product Name Quantity Price
97751 Active Ghrelin ELISA 96 tests 682€
97752 Desacyl-Ghrelin ELISA 96 tests 682€
YK081 Rat PYY ELISA 96 tests 682€
YK080 Human PYY ELISA 96 tests 682€
YK140 Rat GLP-2 EIA 96 tests 682€
YK141 Human GLP-2 EIA 96 tests 682€
YK142 Mouse GLP-2 EIA 96 tests 682€
YK160 Rat /Hu GLP-1 EIA 96 tests 682€
YK090 Glucagon ELISA 96 tests 682€
YK170 17 Beta Estradiol EIA 96 tests 682€

•  SCETI offers a wide range of quantitative assays to detect hormone levels in Human, Rat and Mouse plasma samples.

•  The YK170 kit is especially developed for the measurement of 17 Beta-Estradiol in environmental water.



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