GENTAUR Cytokines

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Code Product Name Quantity Price
Dendritic Cell Therapy       
04-huIL-1B -25 g human IL-1B, 25 g 25 g 195
04-huIL-1B -100 g human Il-1B, 100 g 100 g 472
04-GMPhuIL-4 -50 g GMP human IL-4, 50 g 50 g 399
04-RESIL-4 -50 g Research human IL-4, 50 g 50 g 195
04-huIL-6 -50 g human IL-6, 50 g 50 g 195
04-huIL-10 -50 g human IL-10, 50 g 50 g 195
04-huIL-11- 1 mg human IL-11, 1 mg 1 mg 95
04-huIL-11 -5 mg human IL-11, 5 mg 5 mg 195
04-huIL-15 -50 g human IL-15, 50 g 50 g 195
04-RHUGM-CSF-300 g mGMP  GM-CSF, 300 g 300 g 385
04-RHUGM-CSF-50 g mGMP  GM-CSF, 50 g 50 g 195
04-RHUTNFA - 50 g human TNF-alpha 50 g 50 g 399
Liquid cytokines      
04-huG-CSF-75 g human G-CSF 75 g Liquid 75 g 95
04-huG-CSF-300 g human G-CSF 300 g Liquid 300 g 146
04-huIL-2-50 g human IL-2, 50 g Liquid 3.10*6 U 195
04-huIFNa2a-3M IU human IFN alfa2a 3M IU Liquid 3.10*6 U 55
04-huIFNa2b-3M IU human IFN alfa2b 3M IU Liquid 3.10*6 U 55


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Ab Frontier Superoxide Dismutase ELISA Kits


Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an antioxidant enzyme involved in the defense system against reactive oxygen species (ROS). SOD catalyzes the dismutation reaction of superoxide radical anion (O2-) to hydrogen peroxide, which is then catalyzed to innocuous O2 and H2O by glutathione peroxidase and catalase. Several classes of SOD have been identified. These include intracellular copper, zinc SOD (Cu, Zn-SOD/SOD-1), mitochondrial manganese SOD (Mn-SOD/SOD-2) and extracellular Cu, Zn-SOD (EC-SOD/SOD-3) (1). SOD-1 is found in all eukaryotic species as a homodimeric 32-kDa enzyme containing one each of Cu and Zn ion per subunit (2). The manganese containing 80-kDa tetrameric enzyme SOD2, is located in the mitochondrial matrix in close proximity to a primary endogenous source of superoxide, the mitochondrial respiratory chain (3). SOD-3 is a heparin-binding multimer of disulfide-linked dimers, primarily expressed in human lungs, vessel walls and airways (4). SOD-4 is a copper chaperone for superoxide dismutase (CCS), which specifically delivers Cu to copper/zinc superoxide dismutase. CCS may activate copper/zinc superoxide dismutase through direct insertion of the Cu cofactor.


Code Product Name Price
LF-EK0101 Human SOD 1 ELISA kit 442
LF-EK0102 Human SOD 1 ELISA kit 5 kits bundle 1,818
LF-EK0103 Human SOD 1 ELISA kit 10kits bundle 3,376
LF-EK0104 Human SOD 2 ELISA kit 572
LF-EK0105 Human SOD 2 ELISA kit 5 kits bundle 2,436
LF-EK0106 Human SOD 2 ELISA kit 10kits bundle 4,547
LF-EK0107 Human SOD3 ELISA kit 572
LF-EK0108 Human SOD3 ELISA kit-5 kits bundle 2,436
LF-EK0109 Human SOD3 ELISA kit-10 kits bundle 4,547


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