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Foetal Bovine Serum
Code Product Name Quantity Price
EU-000-F Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 500ml 66€
EU-000-H Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 100ml 32€
Dialysed Foetal Bovine serum    
EU-000-FD Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 500ml 166€
EU-000-HD Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 100ml 58€
Charcoal Stripped Foetal Bovine serum    
EU-000-FC Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 500ml 329€
EU-000-HC Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 100ml 89€
Tetracyline Negative Foetal Bovine Serum    
EU-000-FT Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 500ml 128€
EU-000-HT Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 100ml 51€
Low IgG Foetal Bovine Serum    
EU-000-FIgG Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 500ml 175€
EU-000-HIgG Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 100ml 63€
Embryonic Stem Cell pre-tested Foetal Bovine Serum    
EU-000-FE Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 500ml 132€
EU-000-HE Foetal Bovine Serum - EU Grade 100ml 51€
Other Cell Culture Sera    
S-202-F Adult Bovine Serum 500ml 63€
S-202-H Adult Bovine Serum 100ml 30€
S-111-F Donor Bovine Calf serum 500ml 77€
S-111-H Donor Bovine Calf serum 100ml 36€
S-101-F Newborn Calf Serum 500ml 47€
S-101-H Newborn Calf Serum 100ml 27€

Serum Free Products

Code Product Name Quantity Price
MED-800 MD Cell DMEM 500ml 35€
MED-801  MD Cell IMDM/F12 Very Low Serum Content 500ml 35€
MED-802 MD Cell Optimiser Opt 1 15ml 24€
MED-803 MD Cell Optimiser Opt 2 15ml 24€
MED-820 MD Cell Optimiser Opt 3 20ml 72€
MED-810 Cryo Cell with 7.5% DMSO 50ml POA
MED-811 Cryo Cell without DMSO 50ml POA
MED-804 Split Cell SC1 100ml 28€
MED-805 Split Cell SC2 100ml 27€
MED-806 Split Cell SC3 100ml 27€
MED-807 Split Cell SC10 100ml 30€

SLI is a worldwide provider of biological products to life science and pharmaceutical companies. It specializes in control and disease state matrices manufactured from human and animal blood, plasma and serum which are used in drug discovery, compound development, clinical and research diagnostics. Their products are important tools in the understanding of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of newly discovered compounds and their effects on disease processes.


We offer a wide range of SLI products, including:

•  Animal Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood and Tissue (African Green Monkey, Baboon, Beagle, Bovine, Cat, Chicken, Chimpanzee,Cynomologous Monkey, Dog (mongrel), Donkey, Ferret, Gerbil, Goat,Guinea Pig, Hamster, Horse, Marmoset, Mini-Pig, Mouse, Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Rhesus Monkey, Sheep)

•  Animal Fluids (Amniotic Fluid, Aqueous Humour, Bile, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Faeces, Intestinal Fluid, Milk, Peritoneal Fluid, Saliva, Semen, Synovial, Fluid, Urine, Vitreous Humour)

•  Human Serum and Plasma

•  Rare Human Plasma

•  Clinical Samples and Disease State Material


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Accumax Pipet Help

The Smart Pipette Controller


§ Can fill 25 ml pipet under 4 seconds

§ Safety valve and hydrophobic filters provide double protection against fluid penetration

§ Two different speed modes - High & Low along with Gravity drain

§ The pump speed can also be fine-tuned by varying finger pressure on operating knobs for better control of speed

§ Cadmium free environment friendly NiMH batteries

§ Batteries can be changed very easily by the user

§ The intelligent charger prevents over charging / heating of batteries

§ Low battery indicator

§ Available in red, blue, orange and green.


Code Product Name Price
PH01 – R PipetHelp – Red 165
PH01 – B PipetHelp – Blue 165
PH01 – O PipetHelp – Orange 165
PH01 – G PipetHelp – Green 165


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