GENTAUR Cytokines


Our GMP certified Interleukin-4 and Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor are used by notable pharmaceutical companies and leading research institutes. Try them today! Please check our website for more information. 

Code Product Name Quantity Price
huIL-1B -100g Recombinant human Il-1 Beta 100g 472
rHuIL-2-3MIU Recombinant Human Interleukin-2 3 MIU 195
GMPhuIL-4-50g GMP Rec. human IL-4 50 g 399
rHuIL-4-50g Research Rec. human IL-4 50g 195
huIL-6 -50 g Recombinant human IL-6  50 g 195
RHUTNFA -50g Rec.Hum.Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha 50 g 195
huIFNa-2a Recombinant Human Interferon alfa-2a 3 MIU 55
huIFNa-2b Recombinant Human Interferon alfa-2b 3 MIU 55
RHUGMCSF-300g Rec. Hum. GMP GM-CSF 300 g 385
RHUGM-CSF-50g Rec. Hum. GMP GM-CSF 50 g 195
huG-CSF-300g Recombinant Human G-CSF 300 g 146
huG-CSF-75g Recombinant Human G-CSF 75 g 95













HybridoMax Growth Supplement


The GENTAUR HybridoMax Growth Supplement replaces

 feeder layers or other conditioned media and growth

 factors used in hybridoma production. HybridoMax i

ncreases the yield of hybridomas surviving HAT

 selection, the cloning efficiency of B-cell hybridomas, and

the number of antibody producing colonies.

The Supplement is ready to use. Prepared with a modified

DMEM/F12 base the Serum-Free Hybridoma growth medium is a chemically defined culture medium supporting the serum-free growth of various hybridomas and 293 cells. HybridoMax growth supplement contains no IL-6 and no bovine serum albumine or other undefined protein mixtures.


Code Product Name Quantity Price
19-HYB-1 HybridoMax Growth Supplement 1x 11 ml 57
19-HYB-5 HybridoMax Growth Supplement 5x 11 ml 270
19-HYB-10 HybridoMax Growth Supplement 10x 11 ml 510
19-CHOL Cholera toxin azide free 1 mg 245
19-rCTB Recombinant cholera toxin B-subunit 10 mg 1250


Cost Effective

    No need for adaptors

    No need for accessories

    No special loading tips required

    Only 180 ml of running buffer needed

    Standard tris-glycine running buffer for all gels

    Standard membrane transfer buffer

User Friendly

    No leakage

    No cumbersome assembly

    Same gel for protein, DNA and RNA

    60 minute run time

See the instruction video at


GeBAGel Protein Electrophoresis kit


The GeBAGel horizontal electrophoresis system is a revolutionary pre-cast polyacrylamide mini-gel system. GeBAGel is the only ready-to-use pre-cast system providing horizontal mode operation.

The system covers two types of gels: protein GeBAGel and peptide GeBAGel both of which are run with 

 tris-glycine based running buffer. GeBAGel gels contain no SDS, making them ideal for protein analysis, under both native and denatured electrophoresis conditions, and for low molecular weight DNA or RNA analysis. Available per 2 or 8 gels in several gradients in 10 wells.


Code Product Name Quantity Price
GRmini GeBARunner, mini electrophoresis unit 1 device 107
15G0010-8 GeBaGels, 10%, 15 wells 8 gels 87
15G0012-8 GeBaGels, 12%, 15 wells 8 gels 87
15G0412-8 GeBaGels, 4- 12%, 15 wells 8 gels 87
15G0816-8 GeBaGels, 8-16%, 15 wells 8 gels 87
15G0420-8 GeBaGels, 4-20%, 15 wells 8 gels 87
15PG-0017-8 GeBAGel Peptide, 17%, 15 wells 8 gels 87
GG0010-2 GeBaGels, 10%, 10 wells 2 gels 44
15G0012-2 GeBaGels, 12%, 15 wells 2 gels 44
15PG-0017-2 GeBAGel Peptide, 17%, 15 wells 2  gels 44
GebaPROMO GeBARunner + one set of 8 gels  1 Promo 200


Cholera Toxin

Cholera toxin has been reported to cause a variety of effects on several different cell types. Depending on the cell type it can induce, enhance or inhibit the cell proliferation, cell growth, cell migration, immunization or cytokine and protein production. Cholera toxin has proven to be an essential component in Molecular Biological Research and an indispensable supplement for cell culture.

The naturally occurring cholera toxin belongs to the AB class of bacterial toxins. It consists of a pentameric B oligomer that binds to GM-1 receptors (e.g. on the surface of intestinal epithelial cells), and an enzymatically active A subunit that is responsible for the toxicity of the Vibrio cholerae bacterium.





GENTAUR offers you both the complete cholera toxin isolated from Vibrio cholerae Inaba 569B and the recombinant cholera toxin B-subunit.

 The isolated cholera toxin (CTX) is delivered as 1 mg lyophilized powder. No azide was used. Each vial, when reconstituted to 1.0 ml with sterile distilled water, contains 1.0 mg of protein in: 0.05 M Tris, 0.2 M NaCl, 0.001 M Na2EDTA at pH 7.5.

Solubility of cholera toxin, in water, decreases with time, following lyophilization. The CTX is delivered chilled and should be stored at 4C.

 The recombinant cholera toxin B-subunit (rCTB) consists only of the non-toxic part of the cholera enterotoxin. The protein is completely free from the A-subunit, which has been genetically deleted from the production strain. rCTB is fermented without antibiotics to ensure safety. rCTB is delivered as a sterile solution in phosphate buffered saline (PBS). No conservation additives are used. The protein concentration usually ranges between 10-15 mg/ml. The rCTB solution is delivered chilled.

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