Animal Handling Products


Flat Bottom Rodent Holders

The Flat Bottom Restrainers are excellent for restraint during medication, cranial and abdominal injections. The adjustable tail piece holds rodents securely. There are openings in the top and bottom which allow easy access and waste disposal. The hopper at the front can be used for feeding, watering or anesthesia.


Adjustable tail piece provides flexibility

Front hopper ideal for feeding and anesthesia


Nose Cone Animal Holders

The clear animal holder with black nose cones are ideal for animal research because they allow the researcher to constantly observe the animal’s behavior. A trained rat or mouse can comfortably and quietly remain in our holder for several hours.

The adjustable front nose cone greatly limits turning and movement, decreasing injury to both the animal and researcher. Animals are attracted into the dark cone and have less stress in a dark, confined space, with reduction in head and front paw movement. The animal’s nose protrudes through the front of the nose cone, allowing for comfortable breathing. The animal’s tail should be fully extended and exit through the rear hatch opening of the holder. The proper size animal holder is essential for proper restraint. If the holder is too small for the animal, the limited lateral space will not allow the animal to breathe in a relaxed fashion.


Adjustable front nose cone limits movement, decreasing motion artifact

Animals nose protrudes through the front of the cone for comfortable breathing

Dark color helps animal feel more secure


Broome Rodent Holders

Our economy line of rodent holders is very useful when performing simple injections and blood sampling. The cylindrical design helps prevent rodents from moving excessively. The rodents are easily handled by moving the tail along the open groove on the bottom. An adjustable nose piece securely holds the rodent.

For rodents that are 125 to 500g, we offer a nose cone that you can use in place of the flat nose piece. The nose cones are angled to limit chewing. The animal burrows into the dark cone, safely limiting its ability to move its head and front paws.


Economy line is low cost and high quality

Optional nose cone feature for flexibility

Turtle Skin Full Coverage Gloves


The TurtleSkin Full Coverage Animal Handling Gloves combine a blend of Aramid and TurtleSkin that offers great dexterity and moderate puncture and cut protection in all areas of the glove. Less than the thickness of three sheets of paper, the TurtleSkin material provides the protection you need without sacrificing your flexibility, sensitivity or comfort. TurtleSkin animal handling gloves protect against threats from a wide variety of animal bites and punctures in the lab.



Flexible for efficient mobility

Sensitive for tactile feel

Comfortable for less irritation


Available in Sizes  

Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large




Code Product Name Price
RSTR541 Flat Bottom Holder, 15 to 30g 170€
RSTR542 Flat Bottom Holder, 30 to 125g 176€
RSTR543 Flat Bottom Holder, 125 to 250g 183€
RSTR544 Flat Bottom Holder, 250 to 500g 189€
HLD-MS Small Mouse Holder, up to 25g 475€
HLD-MM Medium Mouse Holder, 25 to 50g 475€
HLD-ML Large Mouse Holder, 50 to 75g 475€
HLD-RS Small Rat Holder, 75-200g 475€
HLD-RM Medium Rat Holder, 200 to 300g 475€
HLD-RL Large Rat Holder, 300 to 500g 475€€
HLD-RX Extra Large Rat Holder, 500+g 475€
RSTR551 Economy Holder, 15 to 30g 156€
RSTR552 Economy Holder, 30 to 125g 160€
RSTR553 Economy Holder, 125 to 250g 166€
RSTR554 Economy Holder, 250 to 500g 173€
RSTR553N Economy Holder with nose cone, 125 to 250g 225€
RSTR554N Economy Holder with nose cone, 250 to 500g 235€
GLVTSFCN01 Turtleskin® Full Coverage Natural, Small 165€
GLVTSFCN02 Turtleskin® Full Coverage Natural, Medium 165€
GLVTSFCN03 Turtleskin® Full Coverage Natural, Large 165€
GLVTSFCN04 Turtleskin® Full Coverage Natural, Extra Large 165€



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