Simplify Your Laboratory Identification

Handwritten versus Printed labels


Text Box: Hand-Written Labels 
·    Information is difficult to read
·    Ink smears easily when handled
·    Limited write-on area
·    Time consuming
·    Ink fades while stored long term
·    Solvents wash ink away


Text Box: Printed Labels 
·    Ink won’t smear or fade
·    Crisp, clear and readable text
·    More information fits on label
·    Quickly design and print labels
·    Increased legibility/durability
·    Chemical and solvent resistant





·    Adheres to frozen surfaces
·    Sticks to material at -196°C
·    No thawing of Cryo vials
·    Available for all printers
 except LabPal





















Code Product Name Price
LABPAL LabPal label printer 275€
LABEXPERT-KEY LabXpert label printer 549€
LABEXPERT-KEY-IDL LabXpert + Identilab software 769€
TLS2200-EUR TLS2200 Printer Europe 935€
TLS2200 + IDL TLS2200 Printer + Identilab software 1,193€
RS232/USB TO DB9 TLS Serial Adaptor Cable for PC connection 31€
TLS PC-EUR TLS PC Link Printer   763€
TLS PCLink + IDL TLS PC Link Printer + software 879€
BP-THT-IP300 IP Thermal printer 300 dpi 1,448€
BP-THT-IP600 IP Thermal printer 600 dpi 1,967€
IDL IDENTILAB V1.1 (software) 380€


Text Box: LabPal Label printer 
·    Portable/Hand-held
·    Pre-programmed vial and slide sizes
·    One-touch time/date stamp
·    Greek & Laboratory symbols
·    Affordable
·    Labels withstand extreme lab conditions






Text Box: LabXpert Labeling System 
·    Continious and die cut labels
·    Tops, self laminating and more
·    Build-in lab applications
·    2D Bar coding capabilities
·    Greek & Laboratory symbols
·    Compatible with Software
·    Memory to store labels

Text Box: TLS 2200 Thermal Printer
·    Hand-held, portable design
·    PC compatible
·    203 dpi print resolution
·    Easy to serialize or fast print
·    Prints all types of bar codes

Text Box: TLS PC Link
·    PC connection only
·    Software compatible
·    203 dpi print resolution
·    Easy to serialize or fast print
·    Labels compatible with TLS 2200

 Text Box: Printing never was so easy!
The IP series; a new, smart solution
·    Detects automatically the label type through Smart Cell Technology
·    Printer communicates with ribbon and materials
·    Calibrates automatic all materials in line
·    Detects and adjusts the correct settings for each label type
·    Printer keeps up with label and ribbon usage
·    Displays the ideal label and ribbon combination and by this avoids erroneous prints.



Text Box: Increase productivity, Lower costs, Reduce waste







·    Easy  access to replace labels and ribbons

·    All software compatible

·    No labels wasted during calibration

·    Large and easy readable LCD screen

·    Available in 300 dpi and 600 dpi print resolution.

·    Print large quantities in one run



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