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New Active Heat Shock Proteins
New Kit: Hsp70 High Sensitivity ELISA Kit for Serum and Plasma Samples

 The family of heat shock proteins was initially characterized as a highly conserved battery of genes whose expression could be induced by heat shock. Many heat shock protein family members are now known to function constitutively as molecular chaperones, stabilizing and assisting in the trafficking of nascent peptides during normal growth. Under stressful conditions such as heat shock or hypoxia, increased expression of heat shock proteins protects the cell by stabilizing unfolded or misfolded peptides, giving the cell time to repair or re-synthesize damaged proteins.

 Many heat shock proteins function in co-chaperone complexes, such as Hsp70/Hsp40 (bacterial DnaK/DnaJ) that along with GrpE acts as an ATP-regulated shuttle complex for newly synthetized proteins. Many of these nascent peptides are delivered to Hsp90-containing complexes, which play a critical role in the stabilization and activation of key signaling kinases and hormone receptors. The Hsp70/Hsp10 complex (bacterial GroEL/GroES) forms an alternative protein folding mechanism in the mitochondria. Small heat shock proteins including Hsp27 and the crystallins from large oligomeric complexes that function to prevent aggregation 

Code Product Name Quantity Price
NSP-540B Hsp60 Protein 20 μg 243€
NSP-555B Hsp70 (Hsp72) Protein 20 μg 208€
NSP-581B Hsp65 Protein 20 μg 216€
EKS-750 Hsp70 (Anti-Human IgG) ELISA 96 Wells 738€

A selection out of the Assay Designs ELISA kits

Code Product Name Price
900-001 PGE2 Correlate EIA Kit 96 Well 376€
900-002 TXB2 Correlate EIA Kit 96 Well 376€
900-005 PGE1 Correlate EIA Kit 96 Well 413€
900-013 cGMP Correlate EIA Kit 96 Well 376€
900-020A human Endothelin-1 TiterZyme® EIA Kit 96 Wells 533€
900-022 human Big Endothelin-1 TiterZyme® EIA Kit 96 Wells 533€
900-057 Protein A TiterZyme® -EIA Kit 96 Wells 413€
900-066 Direct cAMP Correlate EIA Kit 96 Well 401€
900-074 rat GRO/CINC-1 TiterZyme® EIA Kit 96 Wells 569€
900-097 Corticosterone Correlate EIA Kit 96 Well 344€
900-115 human Myeloperoxidase Correlate 428€
900-117 p53 TiterZyme® EIA Kit 96 Wells 602€
900-136 human Interferon-g TiterZyme® EIA Kit 96 Wells  527€

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Gentaur Hybridoma Growth Supplement

For Serum-Free Hybridoma Growth Medium

 The TX-HYB Hybridoma Growth Supplement is ready to use. Prepare the serum free Hybridoma growth medium by dissolving 1 bottle of TX-HYB (11 ml) into 1 Liter of D-MEM F-12 (Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium F-12).

 The serum-free Hybridoma growth medium is a chemically defined culture medium supporting the serum-free growth of various hybridomas and 293 cells. The compounds of Hybridoma growth medium include water for injection, a modified DMEM/F12 base, HEPES buffer, known amounts of insulin, transferin, testosterone, sodium selenite, ethanolamine, a variety of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and stabilizing proteins. TX-HYB Hybridoma growth supplement contains no bovine serum albumine or other undefined protein mixtures.

The prepared Hybridoma growth medium can be stored at 2°C – 8°C for at least 3 months.

Code:      TX-HYB
N° Bottles Price
1 x 11 ml 57€
5 x 11 ml 270€
10 x 11 ml 510€










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