Customized Electrophoresis

multiSUB horizontal electrophoresis systems

       Injection Moulded Construction - durable, leak-proof environment for complete safety and long life


       Electrical Safety - lid can be located in one way only. On removal, power is disconnected from buffer chamber


       All included Every multiSUB system consists of the electrophoresis unit,  UV trays of choice, loading guides, 2 combs of choice and casting dams


       Easy Click Lid Removal



     Flexible casting Dams


     Eliminate the need for additional gel tanks

     UV Transparent


     No messing around with tape

     No need for extra casting unit

     Rapid cooling by elevated tray

     No leakage

     Cast while running another gel


     Four thicknesses, colour coded

     Black 0,75 mm, ultra resolved

     White 1 mm, standard

     Red 1.5 mm, max. sample volume

     Blue 2 mm, max. sample volume

     Options for Sample Prep

     Options for Multi-Channel Compatible




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Code Product Name Price
MSMINIDUO Multi Sub Mini, 7 x 7cm & 7 x 10cm UV Tray 231
MSMIDIDUO Multi Sub Midi, 10 x 7cm & 10 x 10cm UV Tray 247
MSCHOICETRIO Multi Sub Choice Trio, 15 x 7,10 & 15cm UV Tray 270
MSMAXIDUO Multi Sub Maxi, 20 x 10 & 20 x 20cm UV Tray 383
MSSCREENTRIO Multi Sub Screen, 26x16, 26x24, 26x32cm UV Trays 568



VELOCITY is a fast thermostable enzyme possessing 5-3 DNA polymerase and 3-5 proofreading exonuclease activities. VELOCITY provides high fidelity with an error-rate of 8 x 10-7 combined with a high speed DNA synthesis as fast as 15s/Kb for templates of up to 5Kb and 30s/Kb for templates longer than 5Kb. The inherent high speed DNA synthesis is due to the enhanced processivity of the polymerase.

VELOCITY is easy to use since it works with many different protocols and requires minimal optimization. The polymerase produces higher yields than most commercially available enzymes and generates blunt-ended amplicons. The error rate of VELOCITY DNA Polymerase (8 x 10-7) was determined using the rpsL fidelity assay (Lackovich et al., 2001; Fujii et al., 1999).

Two buffers are provided with VELOCITY DNA Polymerase. For general high fidelity applications, use 5x Hi Fi Reaction Buffer for GC-Rich or difficult templates, use 5x GC Reaction Buffer.



    High-speed, high fidelity DNA polymerase

    High processivity

    Fast amplification

    Shorter PCR runs for longer templates

    Robust, requires minimal optimization of the reaction


Code Product Name Size Quantity Price
BIO-21098 VELOCITY DNA Polymerase 2U/l 250 Units 195
BIO-21099 VELOCITY DNA Polymerase 2U/l 500 Units 360
BIO-21040 BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase 5U/l 500 Units 115
BIO-21083 MangoTaq DNA Polymerase 5U/l 1000 Units 150
BIO-21047 IMMOLASE DNA Polymerase 5U/l 500 Units 200


PrismR Refrigerated Microcentrifuge            


     Powerful refrigeration system Quick-COOL to 4C in 8 min.

     Includes easy access rotor (24 x 1.5 ml) to 17,135 xg

Code Product Name Price
C2500-R-230V Prism R with 24 place rotor, 230V 3,495
C2400-SS StripSpin Adapter for 0.2ml tubes  127


     Exceptionally quiet and compact

     Optional StripSpin adaptor for 0.2 mL tubes and strips


Max. Speed: 3.500 rpm

Max. RCF: 17,135 xg

Temp. Range: -10 to 40C

Dimensions: 27.7(W) x 45(D) x 24.75(H) cm

Timer: 0.5 to 99 min. with continuous

Cooling Time (RT to 4C): 8 min.

Weight: 20 kg

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