Gel XL Ultra V2™ Mini-Gel System


• Complete system

• Intelligent power supply

• Safety interlock

• Unique gel casting stand

• Multichannel compatible

• Accessories available

• Quality construction



Code Product name Price
E0145A-230V Gel XL Ultra V-2 with standard casting, gel tank with safety lid and power supply, EU and UK power cords 514€
E0155 Casting set for four gels, including casting stand, four 5.2 x 6 cm gel trays and four combs for Gel XL Ultra V2 176€

Mini LabRoller™ Rotator


      • Compact design

      • Quiet operation

      • Variety of motions

      • Cold room and incubator compatible

      • Three interchangable rotisseries

      • Holds various size tubes and plates:

— 36 x 1.5/2.0 ml

— 10 x 15ml (15-17mm diameter)

— 12 x 5/7ml (12-13mm diameter)

— 6 x 50ml

— 2 x 96 well plates


Code Product name Price
H5000-230V LabRoller Rotator (order rotisserie/carousel separately) 230V, includes EU and UK power cords 686€
H5100-230V Compact LabRoller Rotator (order carousel separately) 230V, includes EU and UK power cords 631€
H5100-RODS Carousel stacking rods, fits both H5100 and H5000 66€
H5108-50A Carousel for 8x 50 ml conical tubes; vertical, fits H5000 & H5100 136€
H5116-15A Carousel for 16x 15 ml conical tubes; vertical fits H5000 & H5100 161€
H5132-HA Carousel for 32 x 1.5 ml microtubes, horizontal, fits H5000 & H5100 187€
H5250-4A Carousel for 4x 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks fits H5000 & H5100 161€
H1200-RA Rocking platform with attachment hardware, fits both H5000 and H5100 202€
H1212-35A Rotisserie for 12 of 300 x 35 mm diameter bottles, 24 of 150 x 35 mm diameter bottles or 24 of 50 ml 304€

Bioline polymerases19.bmp


                                Text Box: (Promotion valid until December 31st  2008)

Order 1000 Units MangoTaq and get 1000 Units FREE!!!

Order 500 Units BIOTAQ and get 500 Units FREE!!!


Bioline produces one of the broadest portfolios of premium quality PCR Enzymes.

This PCR Enzyme Guide aims to simplify your polymerase selection process.

Each DNA Polymerase has different characteristics and for optimal results, it is crucial to choose the enzyme that suits your application. For your convenience and to achieve optimal PCR, many of our most popular PCR enzymes are also available in practical, ready-to-use 2x MasterMixes which contain polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2 and additional additives.


Code Name Properties Units Price
BIO-21040 BIOTAQ Highly sensitive PCR with high yields  500 U  115€
BIO-21041 BIOTAQ Red  Highly sensitive PCR with high yields red dye  500 U 125€
BIO-21083 MangoTaq  High throughput PCR and easy recognition 1000 U  150€
BIO-21047 IMMOLASE  Hot Start PCR and Quantitative assays 500 U  200€
BIO-21049 BIO-X-ACT Long High fidelity PCR for problematic long fragments  500 U  256€
BIO-21065  BIO-X-ACT Short High fidelity PCR for lox-copy templates  500 U  256€


The red and orange dyes facilitate easy recognition and separate during electrophoresis to provide quick reference points for monitoring the mobility of the DNA samples in the gel. There is no need for separate gel-loading buffer.



MangoTaq     (5, 10, 15 and 20 ΅l)

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