PCR Polymerases, Mixes & Kits

Code Product Name Price
BIO-21040 BIOTAQ, 500 Units, routine applications, high yields. 115
BIO-21041 BIOTAQ Red, 500 Units, routine applications, red dye. 125
BIO-21083 MangoTaq, 100 Units, routine appl., Easy recognition. 150
BIO-25033 MangoMix, 2X Conc., 250 Reactions, Minimal handling. 110
BIO-21047 IMMOLASE, 500 Units, Hot Start, Quantitive assays. 200
BIO-25019 ImmoMix, 2X Conc., 100 Reactions. Minimal handling. 80
BIO-21069 AccuSure DNA Pol., 250 Units, Hot Start, High Fidelity. 350
BIO-21089 SAHARA DNA Pol., 500 Units, Low copy assays. 235
BIO-21098 VELOCITY DNA Pol., 250 Units, High Speed, High Fidelity. 195
BIO-21052 ACCUZYME DNA Pol., 500 Units, High yield, High Fidelity. 260
BIO-21049 BIO-X-ACT Long, 250 U, problematic templates op to 20 Kb. 150
BIO-21095 BloodSure PCR Mix, 100 R, Hot Start, from whole blood. 135
BIO-21093 Blood PCR kit, 100 R, DNA extraction kit + BloodSure PCR Mix 210
BIO-21100 Fecal PCR kit, 100 Reactions, DNA extraction kit + ImmoMix 420
BIO-65041 CellSure cDNA kit, 100 Reactions, cDNA from cell cultures. 471
BIO-37088 SureBand PCR Optimization Kit, 12 Buffer premix selection. 125

SureBand PCR Optimization Kit
Quick and simple PCR optimisation
Try your DNA template in all 12 SureBand
   premixes to readily determine the most suitable
   PCR buffer.
Supplied with Bio-X-ACT Short DNA Polymerase.
Reproducible results
Successful PCR even with the most troublesome
Products are suitable for both TA and Blunt-end
PCR buffers (A to L) separately available in 2X
   concentration, 2.5 ml for 40 each.

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GENTAUR Restriction Enzymes

Code Product Name Price
E121 BamH I 200 U 38
E057 EcoR I 5000 U 16
E067 Hae III 2000 U 16
E073 Hind III 5000 U 16
E079 Kpn I 2000 U 22
E081 Ksp22 I 1000 U  16
E109 Pst I 4000 U 22
E111 Pvu II 2000 U 22
E133 Taq I 2000U 38
E141 Xba I 2000 U 22
E233 Xma I 300 U 49
Code Product Name Price
Alternative Cleavage
E003 Acc65 I (Kpn I) 1000 U 27
E119 BstMB I (Mbo I) 200 U 27
E203 CciN I (Not I) 200 U 27
E125 Sfr274 I (Xho I) 2000 U 22
E401 N. Bst9 I 100 U 27
DNA Methyltransferases
M007  M3.BstF5 I 100 U 38
M001 M.Fsp4H I 100 U 115
M003 M.HspA I 100 U 38







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