Cell Immortalization Vectors

As primary cells reach senescence after a limited number of population doublings, researchers frequently need to re-establish fresh cultures from explanted tissue -- a tedious process which can also add significant variation from one preparation to another. In order to have consistent material throughout a research project, researchers need primary cells with an extended replicative capacity, or immortalized cells. The ideal immortalized cells are cells that are not only capable of extended proliferation, but also possess similar or identical genotype and phenotype to their parental tissue.

Several methods exist for immortalizing mammalian cells in culture conditions.

We offer a comprehensive cell immortalization product line that is comprised of plasmids, retroviral, lentiviral and adenoviral vectors for hTERT, p53 and RB, siRNAs, and SV40 T antigens. We also offer these genes incorporated into ready-to-use recombinant retroviruses, lentivirus, and adenoviruses. All these tools will make your cell immortalization project simpler and easier than ever.

Code Product Name Quantity Price
G204  pLenti/SV40, Recombinant Lentiviral vector 10 g 664
G205  Adeno-hTERT, Recombinant Telomerase Adenovirus 250 l 824
G206 pRetro-E1/hTERT, Rec. Telomerase Retroviral vector 10 g 591
G209 pPromoter-SV40, whole SV40 genome in pPromoter 10 g 573
G211 pLenti/SV40, Recombinant Retroviral vector 10 g 573
G212 Retro/SV40 virus, Recombinant Retrovirus containing 10 mL 573
G214 pLenti-hTERT, Rec. Telomerase Lentivirus vector 10 g 664

Hemostasis & Thrombosis ELISA


Our AssayMax ELISA kits are high quality in-vitro quantitative assays for detecting Hemostasis and Thrombosis, among others. These kits are easy, straight forward and give excellent results.

The AssayMax Human PAI-1 ELISA kit is designed for detection of PAI-1 in human plasma, tissue extracts or cell culture supernatants. This assay employs a quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique that measures PAI-1 in 4 hours. A polyclonal antibody specific for PAI-1 has been pre-coated onto a microplate. PAI-1 in standards and samples is sandwiched by the immobilized antibody and a biotinylated polyclonal antibody specific for PAI-1, which is recognized by a streptavidin-peroxidase conjugate. All unbound material is then washed away and a peroxidase enzyme substrate is added. The color development is stopped and the intensity of the color is measured


     High specificity and reproducibility

     Easy to perform; rapid results

     Diverse biological samples

     Low sample volume required

     No specialized instrumentation required

     Unique targets; no other assays available


Code Product Name Quantity Price
EP1100-1 Human PAI-1 ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
EP1105-1 Human PAI-1/tPA ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
EP1107-1 Human PAI-1/uPA ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
EU1001-1 Human uPA ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
EU1002-1 Human uPAR ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 413
EF1007-1 Human Factor VII ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
EF1010-1 Human Factor X ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
EF1013-1 Human Factor XIII ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
EF1040-1 Human Fibrinogen ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 354
EF1045-1 Human Fibronectin ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
EF2003-1 Human Ferritin ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 354
EF2040-1 Human Fibrinogen ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
EV2030-1 Human vWF ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
ET1002-1 Human Tissue Factor ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370
ET1005-1 Human TFPI ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 370

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ProtoGel (30%)

ProtoGel forms an electrophoresis matrix that is ideal for the separation of proteins and polypeptides. ProtoGel is a stabilized, ready-to-use 30% (w/v) acrylamide/methylene bisacrylamide solution (37.5:1 ratio), manufactured from the highest quality materials, from which virtually all impurities have been removed. ProtoGel has zero acrylic acid content, eliminating the fixed charges that cause band streaking. Additionally, oxidation products such as aldehydes have been removed by a selective adsorption process. Aldehydes can attack proteins, altering the structure of the sample, and thus altering Rf values. With ProtoGel, you can trust that your results will be consistent one electrophoretic run to the next.

     37.5:1 Acrylamide to Bisacrylamide Stabilized Solution

     Optimized for SDS-PAGE of Proteins (Laemmli gels)

     Consistently Crystal Clear Gels, Zero Fluorescence

     Stabilized for Long Shelf Life

Code Product Name Quantity Price
EC-890 Protogel 30% 1 liter 106


These quantitative antigen capture immunoassays detect viral antigen in research specimens including cell culture, serum and plasma. They are useful in monitoring viral cultures, purification procedures and biochemical behavior of the virus. The HIV-1 p24 Extended Range Kit is used to extend the range of the HIV-1 p24 ELISA Kit to detect viral loads up to 4 ng/ml. This eliminates the necessity for time consuming serial dilutions. Our Monoclonal Antibodies offer tremendous advantages over polyclonal antibodies because of their characteristics of homogeneity and specificity of binding.


    Reactive against antigens from HIV-1, HTLV-1 and HTLV-II

    Available in 100 g and 1mg sizes

    Multiple clones available for most antigen targets


Code Product Name Quantity Price
801111 HIV-1 p24 Antigen ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 486
801137 HIV-1 p24 Extended Range Kit 5x 96 well 78
801169 SIV p27 Antigen ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 675
801116 HTLV p19 Antigen ELISA Kit 1x 96 well 647
801080 Anti-HIV-1 p24 Clone 39/5.4A 100 g 338
801085 Anti_HTLV-I gp46 Clone 68/4 100 g 338

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