Code Product Name Price
36-Z5030028 Bradford Protein Assay Kit 259
C1234122 cDNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Heart 318
C1235161A-10 cDNA - Human Tumor Tissue Lymphoma Hodgkin's Disease 259
C1236122HD-2 cDNA - Human Diseased Tissue, hypertension: Heart 536
C1G34149 cDNA - Guinea Pig Normal Tissue: Liver  318
C4234565 Universal cDNA RT by Oligo T Normal Human Tissue 276
C4234565-R Universal cDNA RT by Random Hexamer  Norm. Human T. 276
P4234565 Universal Protein Lysate: Human Normal Tissues 351
C8534501 cDNA Panel-Monkey (Rhesus) Normal Tissue 410
C8534502-CY cDNA Panel - Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal Tissue 410
Tissue Related  
D4234035 Human Adult Normal Tissue: Brain 163
D4334149 PCR-Ready Genomic DNA - Mouse Normal Tissue: Liver 163
D4534122 Cynomolgus Monkey Genomic DNA for PCR: Heart 163
K3011010 Total Protein Extraction Kit 183
K3012010 CNM Compartmental Protein Extraction Kit 368
P2334171 Nuclear Protein - Mouse Normal Tissue: Skeletal Muscle 259
R1234040 Total RNA -  Human Adult Normal Tissue: Brain: Left Cereb. 192
R1634310 Total RNA - Plant Normal Tissue: Arabidopsis 427
R1234161-10 Total RNA - Hum. Adult Norm Tissue: Lymph Node 192
R1244040-50 Total RNA - Human Fetal Normal Tissue: Brain: Cerebellum 192
R1334246-50 Total RNA - Mouse Normal Tissue: Spleen 163
R1734149-50 Total RNA - Dog Normal Tissue: Liver 192
T1234052  Frozen Slides Normal Tissue Hippocampus 318
T2234160  Paraffin Tissue Section 5/box 200
T2234218  Paraffin Tissue Section - Human Adult Normal: Skin 200
Dr. P  
K2021010 Dr. P Kit-Isolation of RNA, DNA and Protein simultaneously 40
S1234035 Dr. P Set - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Brain 452
S1234090 Dr. P Set - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Colon 452
S1244142 Dr. P Set - Human Fetal Normal Tissue: Kidney 452
S1244152 Dr. P Set - Human Fetal Normal Tissue: Lung 452
S1235183 Dr. P Set - Human Tumor Tissue: Ovary Tumor 704
S1334122 Dr. P Set - Mouse Normal Tissue: Heart 368
S1434171 Dr. P Set - Rat Normal Tissue: Skeletal Muscle 368

Meet Dr. P

Dr. P takes its name from DNA, RNA, and Protein isolated simultaneously form a single biomaterial source, such as tissues of cells.  Dr. P Set is particularly applicable for studying functional genomics and proteomics, including gene regulation and expression of genes and proteins.  Dr. P products offer the same high yields achieved by commercial kits that isolate each component in a separate step with its own kit.  Dr. P offers the benefits of simultaneous isolation without compromising protein yields in any way.


Dr. P Set isolated from a wide variety of tissues

Documentation on tissues' clinical histories available



Image of Dr. P product set from monkey colon tissues

Lane 1: Dr. P genomic DNA on agarose gel

Lane 2: Dr. P Total RNA on agarose gel

Lane 3: Dr. P protein on SDS-PAGE gel 


Simultaneously study RNA, genomic DNA, and protein, in parallel

Northern Blotting, RT-PCR, and purification of mRNA

cDNA synthesis and cDNA library construction

cDNA gene pool probes for profiling study in gene expression

RNA protection assay and primer extension and RNA differential display

PCR and Sequencing and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) analysis

Restriction enzyme digestion and genomic DNA library construction

Electrophoresis, Western blotting and immunoprecipitation

Labeled protein probes to screen antibody array and protein array

HPLC, mass spectrum analysis, and protein-protein interaction analysis

Tissue specific expression identification and protein expression profiling analysis


Dr.P Set contains 50 g Dr. P total RNA, 10 g Dr. P genomic DNA, and 100 g Dr. P protein. As a whole set, it is a perfect product for simultaneously study RNA, genomic DNA, and protein, in parallel.


Tissue-Tek O.C.T Compound

Tissue-Tek O.C.T (Optimal Cutting Temperature) Compound is a formulation of water-soluble glycols and
resins, providing a convenient specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning at temperatures of -10˚C and below.
No residue is left on slides during staining procedure, eliminating undesirable staining background.

Code Product Name Quantity Price
4583-01 O.C.T Compound 1 x 125 ml 63
4583-06 O.C.T Compound 6 x 125 ml 228
4583-12 O.C.T Compound 12 x 125 ml 427



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